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I love coming in and doing a workout here! Everyone, coaches, members, staff have been so welcoming to me. Amazing atmosphere and facility. Love it @ Hybrid. #betterthanyyesterday

- Tina Yee

I commend Tommy, the owner, on the environment he has created at Hybrid! It has been an amazing experience to work out in this facility, under the direction of his trained, experienced and supportive staff and all the other committed members. It is such a positive, encouraging and supportive environment where people are looking to learn, improve and succeed. It is SO different from other training establishments! It really is quite cool what's going on at Hybrid Fitness Centre...they should all be very proud! :D

- Erin Dunlop

I have been a member at Hybrid for over a year now and absolutely love it here. As someone who has always been interested in health/fitness and been a member at several other gyms (big & small), I can positively say that Hybrid is leaps and bounds beyond anything else. Firstly, I think it is the people (coaches & members) that make this gym so great! The coaches are all incredibly knowledgeable in pretty well anything to do with health/fitness, but each also brings their own specialty/knowledge base. Everyone is very friendly & encouraging, which makes for a fun environment, even though you are working your a** off! It's cliche but it really is a place where everybody knows your name! Also, as someone who has dealt with a lot of sports injuries, I love the programming/scheduling because it allows you to progress in a safe way. In addition, mobility is a integrated in a big way to the classes and additional seminars. I could go on, but the last point I will make is Hybrid's amazing community involvement. Not only do they provide a great service to their members, but they really empower the whole community to take control of their own health/fitness. Just a few examples are the weekly Outlaws of Health podcasts, weekly seminars and the new Weekend Warrior Adventure Series.

- Jessie Huysmans

I've been sucked into so many gimmicks. TRX Classes, Vipr Log Training, Boot Camps etc. It is always about the latest 'gadget' for so many gyms. "This is the new toy we have, this is the new pill we're selling". It's all the same and gets us nowhere! It was refreshing to step into a place that didn't say 'this is what we have', but instead said 'this is who we are'. I've learned that promoting 'what you have' or 'why we are better' is what run of the mill gyms do. Promoting 'who we are, and what we care about' is what ONLY Hybrid does, and I think they have it right.

- Sam Janner

The coaches at HFC, have been amazing at motivating me to lead a healthier and stronger lifestyle, both inside and out (special thanks to Merritt). The small class environment provides the support, accountability, and push to dig deep for that extra (energy/rep/increased weight/conditioning) that I would not do alone. For me, HFC has been the difference between doing the minimum to stay in 'ok' (but actually not at all) shape, to striving change my lifestyle and actually be in better mental and physical condition than I have ever been. I have noticed an increase in my strength, balance, and stamina, and I am no longer afraid to attempt any challenge, and perhaps the most important increase has been in my self confidence. I have and will continue to highly recommend Hybrid Fitness Centre.

- Nicole Girotti

Working out at HFC has changed my life. I was very intimidated about the idea of working out in groups, but I am so glad that I went for it. The environment at HFC is nothing but supportive, friendly, and certainly not intimidating. The level of expertise amongst the staff is also incredible. I strongly believe that the value and quality of service at HFC far exceeds any other gym in London.

- Jessica Jackson

I recently started working out at HFC on a regular basis after taking 2 months off due to an injury. I can now say, with more confidence than ever, that there is a wealth of knowledge among the coaches. Luke is always on-the-ball, making sure that I am moving correctly, modifying workouts if necessary, and he is extremely patient overall. All the coaches are extremely supportive, approachable and so talented at what they do. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone- as I often do!

- Jessica Jackson

This is the best gym EVER! I have belong to GoodLife, Stay Fit and Golds in the past but never really enjoyed them. At hybrid the workouts are fun, challenging and you sweat. Plus it has a great community feel. I had never even heard of powlers or gators until hybrid.

- Sharon Bunce

I can't say enough good things about Hybrid...I love the individual approach at this gym. The coaches are amazingly knowledgeable, yet so approachable. All of the staff are super friendly and clearly passionate about what they do. It is simply a great place to work on your fitness goals; the classes are amazing and there is always someone there who is happy to see you. This is not a place where you swipe your gym card and disappear for a lonely workout - this is somewhere where you learn, get stronger and have a team behind you rooting you on all the way. I love it!

- Minette Klazinga

Before officially starting at Hybrid Fitness Centre, I had heard from many friends and colleagues that this was "the" place for a great and intense workout experience. Too no surprise the hype was definitely fulfilled. From the moment I set foot for my first free class, there was a warm welcoming and that undeniable cross fit family environment. I look forward to training here with the wide selection of equipment, and well-versed staff. A fantastic place to consider starting your fitness goals

- Dan Dreer

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Happy as a Clam

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Samantha Allder- Varallo

I'd like to nominate Sam as member of the month for many reasons. Sam joined Rita and I's 12 weekend transformation group and has been motivated and up beat from the beginning. Always working hard and when she can't make it to class she is messaging me to find out what we will be doing and what she can do on her own to stay on track. Her dedication goes beyond the workouts in the gym, and right into her every day life. She acknowledges the challenges that come along with making big life changes, accepts them and works through them. Sam is a great example of how hard work can pay off. She has not only changed her body measurements and her lifestyle but her strength has improved greatly and she is more confident in herself in the gym.
Congrats Sam!

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